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Welcome! I am honored you’re here. You’ve probably heard that our bodies are mostly water, but have you heard that we are also energy beings living inside of a physical body? We are 90% energy! Your energy body puts into motion your thoughts, perceptions, and the consciousness by which you perceive yourself and the world around you. Quantum Psionics is a modality of healing that works with the infinite source of healing energy that is found in us and all around us. 

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Heal with Quantum Psionics

Quantum Psionics is an innovative and advanced vibrational healing modality that harmonizes all aspects of the human being. Using Quantum Psionics I can help you heal many issues and raise your frequency in all areas of your life; such as family lineage traumas, relationships, careers, unhealthy soul contracts and more. My ‘I Am’ presence works with your higher Self and your energy body to raise your vibrational frequency and bring you back into your highest alignment.

Harmonize Your Home

Quantum Psionics is also used to clear and harmonize spaces including homes and offices. Did you know that our homes and spaces have living energy? The energy of your space can affect your well being, your thoughts and your emotions. Have you had unwanted guests in the physical or energetic realm? A house’s aura contains all the energy of those interactions and it’s a good idea to clear your space of any negative or unwanted energy to keep your environment as healthy as possible.
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Healing with Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of nature’s most powerful tools for healing our bodies, minds and spirits. I use them to help with relaxation, body aches, colds & flu, restful sleep, and immune system strengthening and sometimes, I just want my home to smell nice, naturally. As a Wellness Advocate and a certified Aroma Touch practitioner, I can show you how you can support the health of your family. This simple and affordable healing method puts the power of healing yourself and your loved ones back in your own hands. Shop for oils

What are others saying?

"Cheri gave me a healing and cleared some energy out of my home. She is full of love and divine light. I was full of positive light coming out of the session. Thank you Cheri!!"

Mary Patel

Yoga Instructor

"Cheri is an extremely talented and powerful healer. I went to her on multiple occasions when I knew I had deep emotional and energetic wounds to work on. I could feel energy shifting in my body the moment Cheri began her work, and throughout our session. I even had visions of her drawing light down into my body. Afterward I could tell that my perspective was completely different. I was a new person. I was impressed with every part of my experience, and I'll be back for more!"


Energy Healer

"It was so great to meet Cheri, a fellow healer, who was both friendly and professional in the session at our house! The energy clearing work was thorough—I felt she really took her time! Since then, I have felt more settled in our relatively new home, and the energy really does feel balanced and clear!"

Joanna H.

Energy Healer

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I'd love to work with you on your healing needs. Whether you would like a healing session with essential oils, a Quantum Psionics® energy healing for yourself, or a space clearing for your home or office, please let me know in the notes field. I look forward to hearing from you! Want to know more about who I am?