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Welcome to the New Light Paradigm!

I’m so glad you were guided here. My name is Cheri Maria Arellano and I’m working with the Divine Mother to help emerging Starseeds put their fragmented soul parts back together and overcome self-destructive programs from their consciousness for good.

Together we restore you to your original divine blueprint so that you can let go of self-doubt, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, narcissistic abuse, inner child wounds, ancestral traumas, self-sabotage, and the emotional rollercoaster.

I want you to know that you are a Divine Soul and that you deserve all the love, happiness, and joy in this life and realm to fulfill your Starseed mission. The time is now to clear your field so that you are free from distortions and can shine your light!

Divine Light Codes For Every Stage in Your Evolution



Do you feel the call? Feeling like an outsider? This is for you if you want to know your soul’s origination and key aspects of other lifetimes.



Are you ready to do the deepest level of healing with loving support? This is for you if you are ready to heal old trauma, and limiting beliefs, or if you simply want to raise your frequency. Let’s dive in and go within!!



Clear the energetic distractions! This is for you if you want to create a living space that’s sacred, harmonious, and prosperous.

Meet Cheri Maria Arellano

Healer • Alchemist • Starseed

Cheri Arellano is on a mission to share her inner light with humanity and assist awakening souls in thriving with their divine inner wisdom. Her focus is getting to the core wound and integrating their inner divinity so they, too, can shine their light. Her clients are newly awakened humans, advanced souls, and Starseeds from all around the world.

Cheri has studied ascension, meditation, energy fields, inner child healing, healing with crystals and essential oils, and energy healing modalities such as Reiki, The Emotion Code, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. She is certified in The Crystalline Healing Light® and Quantum Psionics®. She helps her clients clear limiting beliefs, old trauma, and expired soul contracts by offering healings, frequency upgrades, and Starseed readings so they can embody more joy, self-love, and compassion. 

She offers comprehensive soul mentorships and wellness programs for those ready to free their soul and raise their frequency. You can book a free discovery call with Cheri or sign up today.

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What are others saying?

“I wanted to share the amazing sessions I’ve received from Cheri. Being a Reiki Master myself, I was quite impressed with the energy I felt during my sessions with Cheri, lots of tingling vibrations, all very positive. I had Cheri do a house clearing for me after experiencing several months of dry heaves, which for me is an indication of negative energy. Other people in the house could also feel it as well. Since the house clearing, which a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had no more dry heaves. I’m very pleased with the results and everyone in the house noticed a positive change. I would highly recommend Cheri’s services.”

Susanne E.

Nurse & Shaman

“Cheri is an extremely talented and powerful healer. I went to her on multiple occasions when I knew I had deep emotional and energetic wounds to work on. I could feel energy shifting in my body the moment Cheri began her work, and throughout our session. I even had visions of her drawing light down into my body. Afterward I could tell that my perspective was completely different. I was a new person. I was impressed with every part of my experience, and I’ll be back for more!”

Justin R.

Energy Healer

“After a single energy clearing session with Cheri, I am amazed at how much lighter I feel, both energetically and emotionally. I have been dealing with trauma and negative energy cords and Cheri helped to clear them. I also got one of her delicious crystal oils which both me and my son can’t stop using. She is also making me a beautiful bracelet to remind me to think positively and send more love out into the universe.

Book a session today — you won’t regret it.”

Victoria W.

Public Relations Specialist

Cheri on the beach with "Starseeds Welcome" message.

Book a Discovery Call

Are you curious about receiving energy healing or a space clearing? Have you been wondering about your Starseed Soul Origination? In this complimentary, 20-minute discovery call, we’ll figure out which service is best for you and help you get on your way to discovering what matters the most. 

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Cheri Arellano with oils

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