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Crystalline Light Healing Reset

Life’s events can sometimes take us off track and we don’t feel like we are in alignment and living the best versions of ourselves. Reset your frequency and keep your vibrations high so that you can be your very best. Your inner guidance system will feel more accurate, you will feel better, and you will make better decisions as you move throughout your day.

Your energy body puts into motion your thoughts, perceptions, and the consciousness by which you perceive yourself and the world around you. Keep it clear!

Green Quantum Psionics Board for space clearings

Harmonize Your Home

Did you know that our homes and work spaces have living energy? The energy of your space can affect your well being, your thoughts and your emotions. Have you had unwanted guests in the physical or energetic realm? A house’s aura contains all the energy of those interactions and it’s a good idea to clear your space of any negative or unwanted energy to keep your environment as healthy as possible.

I am Ascending

Rebalance with Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of nature’s most powerful tools for emotional healing, physical healing and energetic healing. I use them to help with chakra balancing, raising my frequency and overcoming negative emotions more quickly. With the power of intention, positive affirmations, and the right essential oils you can recover and heal more quickly.

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I have designed a collection of essential oil elixirs that support emotional healing, physical healing and chakra balancing. I am also excited to share my handmade  crystal, beaded, stacking bracelets to diffuse the oils and support your healing journey.

Crystal Bracelets

High quality, high frequency crystals support your healing journey. Lava beads act as a diffuser for your essential oils and offer grounding and clearing energy.

Essential Oils

With the power of intention and positive affirmations, these essential oil elixirs amplify your healing process. Emotional healing, physcical healing and chakra balancing are the focus of these oil blends.

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What are others saying?

“I wanted to share the amazing sessions I’ve received from Cheri. Being a Reiki Master myself, I was quite impressed with the energy I felt during my sessions with Cheri, lots of tingling vibrations, all very positive. I had Cheri do a house clearing for me after experiencing several months of dry heaves, which for me is an indication of negative energy. Other people in the house could also feel it as well. Since the house clearing, which a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had no more dry heaves. I’m very pleased with the results and everyone in the house noticed a positive change. I would highly recommend Cheri’s services.”

Susanne E.

Nurse & Shaman

“Cheri is an extremely talented and powerful healer. I went to her on multiple occasions when I knew I had deep emotional and energetic wounds to work on. I could feel energy shifting in my body the moment Cheri began her work, and throughout our session. I even had visions of her drawing light down into my body. Afterward I could tell that my perspective was completely different. I was a new person. I was impressed with every part of my experience, and I’ll be back for more!”

Justin R.

Energy Healer

“After a single energy clearing session with Cheri, I am amazed at how much lighter I feel, both energetically and emotionally. I have been dealing with trauma and negative energy cords and Cheri helped to clear them. I also got one of her delicious crystal oils which both me and my son can’t stop using. She is also making me a beautiful bracelet to remind me to think positively and send more love out into the universe.

Book a session today — you won’t regret it.”

Victoria W.

Public Relations Specialist

Let's book a session.

I'd love to work with you! Whether you would like a consultation with essential oils, an energy healing for yourself, or a space clearing for your home/office, please book a session, or send me a message if you have a question. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Call 510-900-9649 or email me using the form on the right.

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Cheri Arellano with oils

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