The Ascension Sessions

Cheri Arellano is the host and creator of The Ascension Sessions; a YouTube Channel where she interviews spiritual leaders and community members on The Ascension, consciousness and spirituality.

 What’s it all about?

The Ascension Session was born out of passion for 5D living and holding a vision for the New Earth. It looks closely at the subjects of consciousness and ascension. We’ve captured several spiritual leaders in the conscious community who have freely shared their knowledge of what the ascension means to them. They have come forward with the intention of shedding light on this timely topic with the community and increasing awareness on the planet.

“In the past, the word Ascension has meant ‘someone who passes on and raises into heaven,’ but it now means something totally different. It is an enlightenment vibrational measurement where the biological Human is able to hold the entire vibration and energy of his/her entity—while staying on the planet.”


Of Magnetic Service, Earth

The Ascension Sessions Team

Cheri M. Arellano
Cheri M. Arellano


Mark Arellano
Mark Arellano


Co-producers Cheri & Mark Arellano are a husband and wife creative team who have been working together for over 20 years in the areas of filmmaking, graphic design and branding. In a past life, Cheri has been a creative director, designer, photographer and cinematographer. The Ascension Sessions is her debut directing project, but she has co-produced and shot many other videos.

Mark is a writer, director, cinematographer and producer, and has worked in the filmmaking industry since 1998. Together, they also co-produce a narrative web series called Lovers & Others, and they create all sorts of corporate promo videos for their Conscious Creative clients.

Do you have wisdom to share on The Ascension?

We are seeking guests for our 2020 lineup of shows. Please send me a note if you are interested in being interviewed on the topics of ascension, consciousness and spirituality. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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