Using Quantum Psionics® I can help you heal many issues and raise your frequency in all areas of your life; such as family lineage traumas, relationships, careers, unhealthy soul contracts and more. My ‘I Am’ presence works with your higher Self and your energy body to raise your vibrational frequency and bring you back into your highest alignment.
Did you know that our homes and spaces have living energy? The energy of your space can affect your well being, your thoughts and your emotions. It’s a good idea to clear your space of any negative or unwanted energy to keep your environment as healthy as possible. Have you had unwanted guests in the physical or energetic realm? Let’s clear out your sacred space.

I also love working with essential oils to heal our physical and emotional bodies. As a doTerra® Wellness Advocate, using the world’s highest quality essential oils, I can teach you how to heal yourself and your family from many common ailments and to boost your immune system. This simple and affordable healing method can help you feel better fast, and puts the power of healing yourself and your loved ones back in your own hands.

Cheri Arellano with oils

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