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Cheri Maria Arellano is on a mission to share her inner light with humanity and assist awakening souls in thriving with their divine inner wisdom.


Cheri Maria Arellano is on a mission to share her inner light with humanity and assist awakening souls in thriving with their divine inner wisdom. As a Sirian Starseed, battle Angel, and an original light code keeper for Gaia, Cheri holds the sacred light codes for the New Earth, one of unity consciousness, abundance, and sovereignty for all beings. She sees human enslavement on an energetic, emotional, and physical level as the root cause that needs to be addressed on many levels.

Cheri helps her clients with energy healings, frequency readings, and embedded light code activations to awaken them to their soul’s path. Her focus is getting to the core wound and integrating their inner wisdom so they can shine their light. Her clients are newly awakened humans, advanced souls, and Starseeds from all around the world.

As an empathic pioneer, Cheri is deeply in-tune with the collective consciousness. Before ascension became a popular topic, she started interviewing spiritual leaders on her YouTube channel, The Ascension Sessions. As an ascension advocate, she creates awareness of where we are headed and is thrilled to help anchor the Aquarian Age.

Her first awakening was in 2001 while traversing the globe and traveling to India, Egypt, Nepal, and Sri Lanka for several months. She was disheartened by the waste of resources in the marketing industry and answered her soul’s calling to start an eco-conscious creative agency. That’s when she founded Conscious Creative, the first green-certified agency in San Francisco, spearheading eco-conscious marketing practices and educating corporations and clients about environmentally responsible processes. Her clients included Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Blue Ocean Institute, Marin County Parks & Open Space, and many others, including eBay and PayPal.

After seeing the direct impact of her work on the environment, Cheri received downloads to start helping people on a more personal basis. Recognizing her gifts of creativity and alchemy, she founded her energy healing practice and created a line of self-healing tools for emotional well-being. Thus, Divine Light Quantum Healing™ and Divine Light Essentials™ were born! Through her alchemical expression, she creates divinely-guided essential oil elixirs and handmade crystal jewelry that work together for a complete self-healing experience. She teaches her clients to heal themselves through positive ‘I Am” affirmations, essential oils, and crystals. 

With a desire to encompass all aspects of her soul’s mission, she founded Divine Light Codes™ in 2022 as the ultimate vessel of her life’s work. Cheri believes that many souls have incarnated on Earth at this time to carry the light codes for ascension, freedom, and unity consciousness. Divine Light Codes is a beacon for those on their awakening journey to know they are not alone and can heal anything in the frequency of love.

Cheri has studied ascension, meditation, energy fields, inner child healing, healing with crystals and essential oils, and energy healing modalities such as Reiki, The Emotion Code, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. She is certified in The Crystalline Healing Light® and Quantum Psionics® and helps people clear limiting beliefs, old trauma, and expired soul contracts by offering DNA reprogramming, frequency upgrades, and energetic space clearings.

Happily married to her husband and soul mate of 24 years, she is a mother of two children who loves to hike, cook, and do yoga and pilates. Those who know her well may say that she has a big heart, nurturing energy, and loves to share her cooking. When she’s near the ocean, you can find her swimming, snorkeling, or SCUBA diving and looking for her mermaid family. 

She offers comprehensive soul mentorships and healing programs for those ready to free their soul and raise their frequency. Book a free discovery call with Cheri, or sign up today.

What are others saying?

I discovered I was holding an old contract with someone that no longer applied in this life time. Cheri worked quickly to break old ties and bring peace the situation. She is absolutely a genuine healer.

Holly M.


“It was so great to meet Cheri, a fellow healer, who was both friendly and professional in the session at our house! The energy clearing work was thorough—I felt she really took her time! Since then, I have felt more settled in our relatively new home, and the energy really does feel balanced and clear!”

Joanna H.

Energy Healer

“Cheri gave me a healing and cleared some energy out of my home. She is full of love and divine light. I was full of positive light coming out of the session. Thank you Cheri!!”

Mary P.

Yoga Instructor

Cheri on the beach with "Starseeds Welcome" message.

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