What is Quantum Psionics?

A high frequency healing modality that helps raise your vibration to your highest and best Self.

Quantum Psionics for personal healing

Quantum Psionics is an innovative and advanced vibrational healing modality that harmonizes all aspects of the human being: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. It’s a very comprehensive healing system in the fields of Holistic Therapies and Energy Medicine. It works by activating and emitting the necessary vibrational frequencies to clear and rebalance the energetic bodies, allowing one to go beyond their blocks or energetic entanglements moving towards greater health & well-being.
It’s was initially developed in 2012 by Régia Prado in Brazil, based on principles of Dowsing, Psionics, Quantum Mechanics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sacred Geometry,  Spiritual Healing and Natural Therapies.
This Vibrational Healing tool works like a highly advanced “mind-operated computer”, that enables you to access your Divine I AM Presence, the Akashic Field and Universal Consciousness for guidance and deep healing.
By using Dowsing and Psionics combined with the power of the Heart, hundreds of vibrational healing frequencies can be selected and activated—through the Higher Self (Super Conscious Mind or Divine I AM Presence) of the practitioner to the Higher Self of the client, according to the Divine Plan and always for the highest good.

Quantum Psionics for clearing your sacred space

Like our bodies, our homes and spaces have living energy. Our life force energy (Chi) moves through us like air moves with wind. The Chi in a house is as important, because it also needs to flow freely, and when stagnant it can have a negative affect on your health or well-being. Our homes are our shelter, our refuge, our sacred space.

Quantum Psionics for spaces incorporates some principles of Feng Shui, which have been used for over 4,000 years in China. The positive flow of Chi in a house or any space will benefit the inhabitants of that space. The home has the energies of the inhabitants in it, as well as the builders who built the home, people who visit it, and the land on which it rests.

We and our homes are anchored into Gaia/Earth, and this connects us to her consciousness, the elements and the intelligences of the green grid, which is also anchored down in the center of the Earth. Earth also has its own energetic body called the Crystalline Grid. Earth’s Crystalline Grid is a carrier of vibrations infused with information of the planet. It is connected into the universal stream letting the universe know all about this planet. Our Crystalline Grid is our recorder of all energies this planet has ever carried. It carries our story! Just like the Akashic Records carry our individual stories.

By understanding how it all connects together, it helps us to see how the energy of our spaces are woven into our personal energy bodies. One supports the other and it’s good to keep them both functioning at a high vibrational frequency as much as possible.

Why get a healing or clearing?

Increased Wellbeing

Our energy body can have a great affect on our physical body. Keeping your energy field clear and at a high-frequency is an import part of staying healthy, both mentally and physically. If you suffer from illness, anxiety, depression, entity attachments, spells, or psychic attacks, using the Quantum Psionics system, we can access your Divine I AM Presence, the Akashic Field and Universal Consciousness for direct guidance and deep healing.

QP Sessions start at $80

Blissful Living

It feels good to a come home to a clean, high vibrational home. It welcomes us at the end of a long day and should really feel like your sanctuary. Your home has its own living energy. Unwanted guests, whether in the physical realm or not, can leave behind negative energies that can drain you and create ill effects on your well-being. A beautiful, well-organized home is great and an important step, but clearing the energy and keeping a high-vibe home is also key to your peace.

Space Clearings start at $80

Higher Vibes

Want higher vibes all around? Get both a personal clearing and a space clearing! Most people innately have a high vibration, but fear, anxiety, depression, and quarrels can lower your vibrational frequency. Using Quantum Psionics we can activate the necessary vibrational frequencies to clear and rebalance your energetic bodies, and your living spaces allowing you to go beyond most blocks or energetic entanglements, moving towards greater happiness, health & well-being.

Combo Sessions start at $155

What are others saying?

"Cheri gave me a healing and cleared some energy out of my home. She is full of love and divine light. I was full of positive light coming out of the session. Thank you Cheri!!"

Mary P.

Yoga Instructor

"Cheri is an extremely talented and powerful healer. I went to her on multiple occasions when I knew I had deep emotional and energetic wounds to work on. I could feel energy shifting in my body the moment Cheri began her work, and throughout our session. I even had visions of her drawing light down into my body. Afterward I could tell that my perspective was completely different. I was a new person. I was impressed with every part of my experience, and I'll be back for more!"

Justin R.

Energy Healer

"It was so great to meet Cheri, a fellow healer, who was both friendly and professional in the session at our house! The energy clearing work was thorough—I felt she really took her time! Since then, I have felt more settled in our relatively new home, and the energy really does feel balanced and clear!"

Joanna H.

Energy Healer

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