3 Session Healing Package

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3 sessions for a deeper healing
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Crystalline Healing Light: 3 session package

How can it help?

Our higher Selves work together to raise your frequency, heal emotional traumas, heal past life wounds, remove negative energies, entanglements and calls in more Divine Source Light into your auric field and your being. Whether we work on relationships, energetic health, ancestral DNA or past life traumas, you will leave feeling lighter, more peaceful and in harmony with your Higher Self.

What is it?

The Crystalline Healing Light® (CHL) is a highly advanced and integrated Vibrational Healing modality. CHL is based on many different techniques, extensive healing experience and research, including dowsing, Quantum Psionics, Vibrational Healing, Holistic Therapies, Sacred Geometry and Alchemy. All work is done with the assistance of the higher dimensional helpers, 5th, 6th, and 7th (or higher) dimensional beings. It's a bit like journeying, and will leave you feeling very peaceful.

How do we meet?

Client sessions are done in the comfort of your home, over the telephone or via video conferencing. Please choose a time when you can be in a peaceful, quiet space without distractions. Session durations are divinely guided, however most sessions tend to run close to two hours. If you require a shorter session, I will do my best to keep it short. Please have headphones with a microphone handy.

How much does it cost, and how do I book?

This is a package of 3 sessions, with each session lasting 60-90 minutes.

1. Please select a date and time that works for your first session and we can schedule subsequent sessions afterwards.

2. Once I receive your booking, I will check and see if the time works with my calendar. Requested appointment dates and times are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation from me.

Thank you for taking this step towards your emotional wellness, I am honored to work with you.

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