Aqua Aura Mermaid Bracelet

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Aqua Aura Mermaid Bracelet

Aqua Aura Crystal with either abalone disc or hematite rainbow spacers. This beauty helps you connect to the mermaid realms and features a silver shell, a starfish and a gorgeous mermaid tail. Do you work with angels? If so, this bracelet is for you! This design also features white lava beads so you can diffuse your favorite essential oil blends.

The two designs with the abalone spacers are the smaller 8mm beads and small bracelet size; one has a dangling gold star fish and one doesn't. The hematite spacers are shown on the larger bead size of 10mm, large bracelet. Any combination can be ordered as a custom request.

Please choose your design, bracelet and bead size.

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