Carnelian Tree of Life Bracelet

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Color: Red, orange, brown, gold, rose gold
Chakra support: Sacral, Solar Plexus
Emotional: Increases one's courage and enthusiasm
Spiritual: Aids in overcoming hesitation, finding courage to grow spiritually
Physical: Supports strength, vitality, sexuality, detoxing from alcohol or drugs
Elixir pairing: I am Grounded, I am Sacred, I am Protected, I am Centered

Carnelian Tree of Life Bracelet

This bracelet features beautiful carnelian beads with a tree of life pendant, metal colored lava beads in gold or rose gold. The charm is hugged by matte gold or rose gold, sacred geometry, spacer beads.

What are the benefits of carnelian?

Carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present reality. A stabilizing stone with high energy, it is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity.

  • ability to cleanse other stones
  • imparts an acceptance of the cycle of life and removes fear of death
  • gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispel apathe, and motivates for success in business
  • useful for overcoming abuse of any kind

Handmade with love, always.

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