Chakra Balancing Bracelet: Buddha Head

Copper Buddha Head
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Chakra Balancing Bracelet: Buddha

Chakra balancing bracelets are made to assist you with balancing your chakras or energy centers. Each colored stone represents one of your 7 chakras, the black lava beads or made from real volcanic rock. Colored beads are: garnet, red jasper, yellow jade, green aventurine, blue quartz or amazonite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and clear quartz crystal. This one features Buddha head with copper accents.

These lava beads hold essential oils and retain the smell for about 2 days. Drop or roll your favorite oils onto the lava beads to continue your aromatherapy healing. These were designed to go with the chakra balancing elixir oils.

Choose your wrist size and bead size.

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