Clean Hands: Hand Sanitizer

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Brand: Divine Light Essentials
Gender: Unisex

Clean Hands: Hand Sanitizer

This sanitizing mist purifies hands by eliminating 99 percent of bacteria and other germs on the skin through an extremely fine, quick drying mist. The moisturizing formula will not dry out the skin and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. doTERRA's On Guard blend provides an uplifting citrus spice aroma and its protective benefits. Clean Hands is made with wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary essential oils, alcohol, coconut oil and filtered water.


  • Use when soap and water are not available
  • Provides an invigorating citrus spice aroma
  • Kills 99% of germs
  • Convenient small, travel size spray bottle
  • Use to sanitize hands after touching gym equipment, door handles, and shopping carts

1: 30ml Spray Bottle

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