Emotional Support Elixirs 10-Kit (with case)

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You never know which oil you might want on a particular day, so if you get the whole kit you can keep your emotions in check.

10 Kit includes:

  • 10, 10ml roller bottles that focus on emotional balance: I am Calm, I am Centered, I am Confident, I am Focused, I am Harmony, I am Joyful, I am Loved, I am Protected, I am Relaxed, I am Uplifted (All oils are doTERRA brand oils with a coconut carrier oil)
  • Add a case: choose from the soft bohemian, native or hard cases
  • Each bottle has crystals or gemstones inside, and the rollerball itself is the same crystal or gemstone as inside the bottle
  • Add the 10-hole wooden display stand for $20 (handmade)

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