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I am Breath Elixir

Supports Congestion*
Affirmation I Am Breath
Moss Agate

What's in the bottle?

Breathe in all of that yummy prana with ease! This roller bottle of pure grade essential oils includes cardamom, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara and peppermint essential oils. It also contains green moss agate gemstones both in the bottle and in the rollerball itself. The properties of both the oils and the crystals are aligned to maximize your healing potential. This blend supports your respiratory system.*

Moss Agate is one of those stones that would be beneficial to almost everyone. It is an excellent stone for individuals convalescing after an illness, or for those in recovery from addiction. Meditating with moss agate can assist with magnifying the energies of one's intention and thus assisting in the achievement of the goal.

Cardamom: The Oil of Objectivity
Encourages self-control, self-respect, patience
Removes frustration, blame, inability to think clearly

Eucalyptus: The Oil of Wellness
Encourages the ability to heal liberation encouragement
Removes feeling illness, defeated, despair, powerless to heal

Lavender: The Oil of Communication & Calm
Encourages calm, emotional honesty, open communication, peace of mind
Removes blocked communication tension, feeling unseen or unloved

Lemon: The Oil of Focus
Encourages feeling energized, focus, alertness
Removes confusion, mental fatigue and inability to focus

Melaleuca: The Oil of Energetic Boundaries
Encourages healthy boundaries, respectful connections, resilience
Remove emotional toxicity, powerlessness, codependent relationships

Peppermint: The Oil of a Buoyant Heart
Encourages optimism, strength to face emotional pain, buoyant
Removes intense despair, unbearable pain, heavyheartedness

All blends are made with CPTG® #doTerra essential oils and pure coconut oil.


1. Shake it 2. Smell it 3. Roll it on 4. Exhale & say affirmation. Repeat each step 3 times.
Apply to facial sinus areas, chest, bottom of the feet or neck area. Apply every 2-3 hours as needed, using more often at the start of symptoms. Always avoid the eye area, open wounds and wash hands thoroughly after use and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes after handling the oils. Always do a spot test first if you have sensitive skin. Only apply to the bottom of the feet for sensitive skin or children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1: 10ml roller bottle

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