I am Centered Chakra Balancing Bracelet & Elixir Set

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'I am Centered' Chakra Balancing Bracelet & Elixir Set

I am centered essential oil elixir made with uplifting and grounding properties helps you stay centered, and in balance. Lemon, wild orange and lavender essential oils blend with grounding red jasper crystals. Red jasper grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. Red Jasper brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insights into the most difficult situations.

Don't miss this unique set! The bracelet features amazonite and picture jasper beads with a Buddha pendant in silver color.

The wooden beads hold essential oils and retain the smell for about 2 days. Drop or roll your favorite oils onto the wooden beads to continue your aromatherapy healing.

Available in 8mm beads. Sold as a set.

Handmade with love, always.

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