Labradorite, Sandalwood & Lava Bracelet

Protection & Grounding
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Labradorite, Sandalwood, and Lava Beaded Bracelet

This gorgeous beaded bracelet features magical labradorite beads that reflect rainbow sparkles and sandalwood wooden beads that smell amazing and will diffuse any essential oil, along with white lava beads for grounding and to diffuse your favorite essential oils.

Labradorite offers astral travel, clairvoyance, telepathy, access to the Akashic Records, communication with higher spirit guides.

Sandalwood works to stimulate your root chakra. It’s believed to increase trust and improve your self-identity as well. In ancient Buddhist tradition, Sandalwood has been celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for many, many years. It is believed that the scent of Sandalwood will stimulate your sensuality, make you more aware of yourself and of the world, bring about peace and serenity, arouse your divine thoughts, and inspire deep relaxation.

Rose gold accents. Unique, handmade, one of a kind.

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Bead size: 8 mm or 10 mm

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