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Quantum Psionics Energy Healing Session

How can it help?

Our energetic body can have a great affect on our physical body & mental body. Keeping your energy field clear and at a high-frequency is an import part of staying healthy, spiritually, mentally and physically. If you suffer from any lower vibrational energies, I can help you clear these energies out of your field. Together we access your Divine I AM Presence, the Akashic Field and Universal Consciousness for direct guidance and deep healing.

What is it?

My Divine I Am Presence works with your Higher Self to raise your frequency, call in more love, joy, abundance, self-worth, and to heal emotional traumas, heal past life wounds, remove negative energies, energetic chips/implants, and entanglements. Together we will call in more Divine Source Light into your auric field and your overall being. Whether we work on relationships, energetic health or past life traumas, you will leave feeling lighter, more peaceful and in harmony with your Higher Self.

How do we meet?

Client sessions are done in the comfort of your home, over the telephone or via video conferencing, or may be performed remotely without your presence (in some circumstances). Please choose a time when you can be in a peaceful, quiet space without distractions. Session durations are divinely guided, however most sessions tend to run close to two hours. If you require a shorter session, I will do my best to keep it short. Please have headphones with a microphone handy.

How much does it cost, and how do I book?

For a fair energy exchange, I typically request $175 for 2 hours. Includes all session notes and an audio and video recording. Please note: Rates may be increasing in late 2022 or early 2023.

1. Purchase the session by adding to your cart and check out.

2. Find a time that works for you on my Booking Calendar

3. Requested appointment dates and times are not guaranteed until you've received a confirmation from me.

4. Please try to reach me at least one day in advance if you have any questions before we meet. If for some reason you need to cancel or postpone, 48 hours notice is ideal, 24 hour notice is required to avoid cancellation fees. I always make exceptions for emergencies.

How to Prepare

Prior to the start of the meeting, it would be ideal if you have a glass of water near you, a blanket, a pair of comfortable headphones or earbuds with a built in microphone that will connect to your computer, iPad or mobile phone. Please download the latest Zoom app on your mobile device or laptop in advance, so that we may connect without any delays.

Prepare a comfortable place to lie down with your eyes closed, where you will not be disturbed for at least 1-2 hours. We will chat at the beginning of the session where you will have a chance to share with me anything that you would like for us to focus on for your session.

After the session, please allow time for a peaceful transition. For example, you could take an epsom salt bath, sit in the sun, go for a walk in nature, or take a nap. Please try to avoid working, electronic screens, TV, conversations that may not be peaceful, or anything negative that will take you out of alignment. You will need time to integrate the healing energies.

Thank you for taking this step towards your emotional wellness, I am honored to work with you.

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