Space Clearing & Harmonizing Session

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Space Clearing & Harmonizing Session

How can it help?

Your home has its own living energy. Unwanted guests, whether in the physical realm or not, can leave behind negative energies that can drain you and create ill effects on your well-being. A beautiful, well-organized home is great and an important step, but clearing the energy and keeping a high-vibe home is also key to your peace. Our goal is to remove and clear any unwanted energy and balance out your home's energy.

What is it?

Using Quantum Psionics® and aspects Feng shui, we clear your home energetically. Like our bodies, our homes and spaces have living energy. Our life force energy (Chi) moves through us like air moves with wind. The Chi in a house is as important, because it also needs to flow freely, and when stagnant it can have a negative affect on your health or well-being, your thoughts and your emotions. Our homes are our shelter, our refuge, our sacred space. In person sessions also include a smudging with sage or Palo Santo in each room and closet--I do a thorough sweep of the house with you.

How do we meet?

Sessions are held via video conferencing, or over the phone, however in-person sessions can be made for locals to the SF Bay Area. Please choose a time when you can be in a peaceful, quiet space without distractions. Please be sure that there are no visitors in your home at the time of the appointment, but its regular residents are fine. Session durations are divinely guided, however most sessions tend to run close to two hours. If you require a shorter session, I will do my best to keep it short. Please have headphones with a microphone handy.

How much does it cost, and how do I book?

For a fair energy exchange, I typically ask for $88 for one hour (Zoom), or $133 for 2 hours, and $175 for in-person sessions, however you may pay what you feel is a fair energy exchange. If your home is larger than most, an in-person session could be valued at as much as $200.

1. Please select a date and time that works for you.

2. Once I receive your booking, I will check and see if the time works with my calendar. Requested appointment dates and times are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation from me.

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