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White Sage is known for it's sweet, and savory scent, it's powerful clearing abilities, and has been used for centuries to ward off unwanted energies.

Smudging with sage may be used as a ritual tool to rid yourself — or your space — of negativity. This includes past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies from others.

This may help you establish a positive environment for meditation or another ritual. Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this sets your intention and dedication to self-improvement. Choosing to engage in ritual can be the beginning of your change in mindset.

Be sure to open windows during smudging and keep them open for at least 5-10 minutes.

Benefits of burning sage may include:

  • dispels negative energies in your home or space
  • clears your field of any energetic attachments
  • cleanses items such as jewelry or crystals
  • soothes stress
  • improves your mood and quality of sleep
  • improves intuition and focus
  • releases negative ions

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